Brookglen Street & Drainage Improvement Project 2024-2025

The City of La Porte will begin a project in Late 2024 to widen the streets and replace the drainage lines underground in the south portion of Brookglen (The North portion has already been done). The attached materials show the extent of the project that will take approximately 15-18 months to complete. Roads may be one way for short periods during the construction and many residents will have a portion of their driveway removed while the new pipes are being installed. The driveway portion that was removed will be replaced , but not your entire driveway. If you have a mailbox on the street it will also be moved while the project is underway. Some residents will lose up to 6" of their front yard due to the widening of the streets. Some trees/shrubs may have to be removed as well if they are in the way of the drainage pipe installation. There may also be brief periods where residents will have to park down the street from their home as that street is being repaired. The project will take place in 2 phases (Phase 1 to begin around September 2024 and Phase 2 once Phase 1 is complete). Please review the map and FAQ handout below for further clarification. This is a City of La Porte improvement project and the Brookglen CIA has no control over the project.

Brookglen Street & Drainage Improvement Project FAQ Handout

Brookglen Street & Drainage Improvement Handout - MAP



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