Brookglen Community Improvement Association - Bylaws & Deed Restrictions

Brookglen is a Deed Restricted neighborhood. The documents below show what is permitted and what is not permitted in our neighborhood. Violation letters will be delivered to residences that are out of compliance with the rules & regulations for Brookglen. Most violations will first receive a friendly reminder letter notifying the resident of the violation. Failure to correct the violation will result in a warning and if the violations are still not corrected, the matter will be handed over to the HOA attorney for legal action. Once the attorney has the file, we cannot waive the legal fees. Fines and/or liens on the property are possible outcomes once it reaches this stage. Failure to pay your annual $50 dues is also a violation and there are late fee penalties.


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If you want to REPORT a violation please send the address and description or photo of the violation to  or


Bylaws  (updated July 2021)
These are the rules and guidelines that pertain to the Brookglen Board of Directors, Board Meetings, and Elections


Statutory Policies & Guidelines (Deed Restrictions) (updated July 2021)
These are the rules and regulations that apply to all residents and residences in Brookglen


Exterior Maintenance Guidelines  (updated July 2021)
These are the guidelines that pertain to the upkeep and maintenance on the exterior of each home or property in Brookglen


Terms & Definitions  (updated July 2021)
An explanation and definition for the terms & vocabulary used in our documents


Security Cameras and Perimeter Fence Policy (updated April 2022)
Explains the requirements and limitations for placement of Security Cameras as well as construction materials and standards for fences


Brookglen CIA Board of Directors Election & Voting Procedures (updated November 2022)
Qualifications, Dates, Ballots, Voting Deadlines, Eligibility, etc


City of La Porte Codes for Private Property
Rules and regulations that apply to all residents in the City of La Porte concerning Private Property