Brookglen - Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

The Architectural Control Committee is made up of Brookglen Residents that are NOT on the HOA Board of Directors. In September 2021 the Texas Legislature required Homeowners Associations (now referred to as Property Owners Associations) to have a separate committee of residents to handle architectural changes to a property. The main duties of the ACC are to answer questions and review applications from residents that want to make changes to their home such as adding a new fence, adding a new room, adding solar panels, adding a storage shed, adding new siding, etc. This would also include building an entirely new home on an existing lot. We all want our neighborhood to look good and remain safe and friendly and to keep our property values up. Requests can be submitted via this form Architectural Control Committee Application form .The ACC is responsible for maintaing the integrity of the neighborhood and ensuring that any additions or changes to a property are in line with what is already built here in Brookglen and that the addition or change will not adversely impact the neighbors or property values in general.  The ACC can be reached at . Please allow up to 72 hours for an initial response. The more complete your application is (city permit, photos, survey, materials, contractor info, etc) the faster it will be processed.


Architectural Control Committee Approval Form



Contact the ACC at